Trioworld launches recycled food packaging with Lidl

Together with Lidl, Trioworld is launching the first post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic film, approved for food packaging when Lidl introduces the innovative solution with their cinnamon buns in Sweden.

The mission of this joint project was to develop a film that reduces carbon footprint, waste and makes

impact on the environment. 

Discover how we implemented this innovative multi-layer packaging at Lidl and how you can benefit from this movement. Or get in touch to brainstorm about the potential use at your company.

Steps, Big Results

“We are extremely proud that we are the first retailer to launch a food package containing recycled plastic”

Gabriella Goldman, Brand- CSR and Communications director, Lidl Sweden

Made of 30% recycled PCR

100% Recyclable

Reduced carbon footprint

Packaging in a food-safe way

Discover the Benefits

Find out whether recycled multi-layer packaging is beneficial for your organization. Download the product sheet with information on the benefits and where it can be applied. Next to the product sheet you will also receive our whitepaper, describing our journey in developing the recycled LDPE for food applications. 


Discover our journey

Watch the video and see how we help Lidl to be more sustainable by using our film with 

30% PCR film in the core.


Want to know more about how you can help the world and serve your customers better with recycled plastic packaging? Fill out our contact form, we would love to brainstorm about possibilities.

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Sales- & Business Development Manager

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